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A Message From our CEO

As a young boy, I used to swim across the channel to Yanuca Island with the boys from the village. As we collected coconuts from the fringes of the hotel’s 9-hole golf course, we would keep a keen eye out for ‘lost’ golf balls. The boys senior to us would then take these along to sell back to the golfers during their caddie rounds. The proceeds from this little ‘business’, (less the caddie’s commission!), would be received with glee and would cater for our school spending money and, if fortunate enough, the odd treat at the cinema.

Yanuca Island has always had an influence on our lives, one way or another!

Family history tells that years ago, our ancestor, the very first Kalevu, landed on a rocky outcrop on the island and went on to rule the province as its paramount chief with wisdom and foresight. From that day forward, this revered piece of land became known as ‘Sacred Point’. It has always stood at the heart of our family and now stands proudly at the heart of the hotel. In sharing our beautiful island with Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort & Spa and countless tourists from around the world, we have secured a future for our extended family and the surrounding communities. 

Sharing something that is close to us is therefore central to the foundations on which Na Hina has been built. Just as we have a symbiotic relationship with the hotel, we also enter into a partnership with all who come to stay in any of our Na Hina properties. We do not just see our tenants as a source of revenue. We go beyond that and do our utmost to offer a sense of security and comfort … a sense of belonging … a home away from home. 

our Team
Liku Deo
Property Manager
Isei Boladau
Accounts Manager
Eferemo Rodan
Admin Officer
George Liga
Clerical Officer